Our First Season of Peony Sales

We put our first plants in the ground in 2012. By 2017 we purchased over 2000 roots. We planted the bulk of our 2000 roots in the Fall of 2014 as we felt confident that our choices of fields and ground preparation was sufficient enough to grow a lovely peony flower.

2019 was our 5th year of growing the majority of our plants to maturity. We had some losses through the winters during that five years. We replanted areas necessary in 2017 and a few in 2018 bringing the final peony plant count equal to 1900 roots.

Valley Sisters Peonies cut flowers total over 6000 cut flowers available but only 4500 were of a quality that we felt were saleable. As we enjoyed sharing the 1500 buds that we did not sell we reflected on ways that these small imperfections could be enjoyed by others. We donated many of them and shared bouquets with friends and family.

This was our most successful year and our first year of selling these wonderful cut flowers proved challenging and with many many learnings and new techniques. Thank you everyone for growing with us and sharing with us. We are looking forward to the new 2020 season and more of these wonderful peonies.

Thank you,


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