Overnight Shipping for all orders shipped in the United States of America will be added to your order.  (Hawaii and Puerto Rico may have additional shipping charges added to your order).  We do not ship International.  We will call you to verify you have received your shipment timely.   NOTE: We do not reimburse the cost of shipping.   Please call 907-441-0233 for any questions. 


We offer a full guarantee of our cut flowers.  If you received your beautiful cut flowers and they are not in good condition please call us immediately.  We will issue a refund or replace the flowers immediately as overnight shipping allows.  We will not replace flowers that are left at your resident or store that are not opened immediately to verify their condition.  Peonies must be placed in cool shade and water immediately upon receiving your shipmet.   NOTE: We do not reimburse the cost of shipping.    Please call 907-441-0233 for any questions. 


We accept credit cards, Pay pal, and checks. Cash through VENMO and Cashapp.  Checks must be received before Flower ship date.


We offer wholesale discounts.  All Wholesale purchases  require prepayment.  Please call us at 907-441-0233 or 907-373-1974 for questions and prices.